Handmade Cards Q & A
How to Purchase
We have convenient Etsy online store to purchase our handmade greeting cards.
All transactions will be processed through Etsy's secure website.
Special Orders
We do take special custom orders. Please email us for details. info@loriadesign.com
Shipping & Handling
For the maximum protection, every handmade card is individually placed in a clear protective plastic envelope. We are extremely careful to ensure your orders arrive in excellent condition. 1~3 Cards will be placed in rigid envelope, 3 and more will be sent in greeting card gift box.

We ships packages Monday – Friday via USPS with tracking. (First class or Priority depends on the weight)
Your order will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days after we receive your order.
We're sorry in advance, we only ship to locations within the U.S. at this time. Your order will be cancelled without notice if the address is not within the U.S.
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Angel policy
An Angel Policy clearly defines whether rubber stamps can be used to create products to sell. It will state whether there are any specific restrictions or limitations. (Defined from about.com : rubber stamping)

LoriaDesign LLC absolutely support the angel policy.
We agree to respect terms and conditions from all angel companies. Due to the general angel policy, we limits the quantities when we use rubber stamps and other copyrighted items to create our handmade cards.
We are using all kinds of crafting materials to make our handmade cards, but we do not own their designs.
Design Service Q & A
Provided Services
We provide Web and Graphic Design Services.
All web designs are custom design, no template.
Every project is unique, so please contact us for detail information regarding design services & price. info@loriadesign.com
We also provide digital illustration services. If you need illustration image for your web or to print, we will be happy to make it for you. We will work on any size of projects, so feel free to contact us.
However we reserve the right to refuse to any projects if it's inappropriate.


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